The Death of Escanor in The Seven Deadly Sins: How did Escanor die? (2023)

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The Seven Deadly Sins has been one of the most interesting series of modern times, and the death of Escanor has been a very profitable subject.

However, some fans believe that he didn't die because his reputation makes it hard to believe that Escanor actually died in the story.

Escanor is considered the strongest character in the series and one of the favorite characters.

Escanor, also known as the Lion's Sin of Pride, is the seventh and final member of the Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins).

He is popular in the series because he has immense power during the day and gradually weakens at night.

It is believed that at night, Escanor's power drops to a level where anyone with slightly more than average human strength would prevail against him.

One of his secret innate powers is "Sunshine". Escanor is considered one of the most mysterious members of the group, but the question arises, is he even that strong?

In one of his iconic battlesCommandment of Love: In Estaro, He actually proved why he is considered one of the strongest characters in the series.

In one of the recent events of the anime series, we saw Escanor beat a mass of the Demon King in the body of Zeldoris.

He did it with her"The One From."He used all his remaining energy and strength.

So a new question arises now is Escanor dead? So to answer these things we have compiled some facts to answer this question. So without further ado let's get to the discussion part.

Escanorin kuolema seitsemässä kuolemansynissä: Kuinka Escanor kuoli? (1)

Is Escanor dead?

Castellio's former prince Escanor has come a long way. Originally born as a weak character, the power, Sunshine, brought about a ridiculous development in her.

His power peaks during the day, and when the sun goes down he returns to his normal weak state. Escanor's death has always been a hot topic among fans, and the overall story is as interesting as it gets.

Escanor, the Sin of the Lion's Pride, died after fighting the Demon King.

He fought the Demon King with "The One From" and used all his energy.

However, his body disintegrated when it was used at its full power to increase the grace of "Sunshine".

So he used the borrowed grace and to put an end to the Demon King.

But it was already too late for him as he used up most of his power while fighting the Demon King; He knew he could defeat him, he had to activate his 'Ultimate One Form' which he did, but when he did his body gave up as he exceeded his limit.

He already knew he was going to die, but he still did this to protect his friends and die an honorable death.

Escanor's sin: what was his sin?

To find out what his sin was, we have to go back to one of the previous chapters of the manga. Lion's Sin of Pride Escanor once traveled from city to city and helped those in need.

And likewise, one day he tried to help some villagers and fought a demon for them.

But at the same time, he almost destroyed the city. Although he intended to help the people, his destruction throughout the town frightened the villagers, and the people feared him.

The people then blamed him for the village's destruction, and Meliodas, Merlin, and Zaratras were sent to capture Escanor; but he hurt Zaratra and even insulted King Bartra, so he was given the Lion of the Sins of Pride.

He was also sentenced to death, but Meliodas stopped it and saved him. He later joined Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Death of Escanor: How exactly did Escanor die? - Demon King Zeldaris vs Lion Sin Escanor

As we discussed in the above section, he used all his powers when fighting the Demon King.

He borrowed Sunshine to go all out against the Demon King (Zeldris).

He was eventually able to defeat Zeldris, but he actually used up all his power and died when grace returned to Mael.

In the holy arc after the Holy War, the Demon King took control of Zeldoris' body while Meliodas was still able to defeat the Demon King.

However, he did not do so because he did not want to destroy his brother's body.

When the rest of the Sins finally helped him, Escanor wanted and begged the four Archangels Mael to let him borrow the Sunshine.

At that time, he already knew that he was dying due to the heavy use of that divine power.

But Escanor didn't think of himself at that point, he used this power to help his friend and put an end to the Demon King (Zeldris).

While fighting the Demon King (Zeldris) his "The One Form” hand-to-hand combat.

He already knew that defeating a god-like Demon King would not be enough, so he used his own life force to charge the Sunshine of Mercy.

And after successfully defeating the Demon King (Zeldris), grace returned to Mael. And Escanor finally confessed his love to Boar's Sin Merlin, and he died.

Escanor stood toe-to-toe in his battle with the Demon King Zeldris. He used a magical power (day form) known as "One Form".

When he used this superior power, his own body was put on the line, as One Form usually increases Escanor's overall stamina, strength, and power. But at the same time it also drains him of life force.

So his battle against the Demon King, after the Demon King's body was destroyed, Escanor also died because he had already used his life force to defeat the Demon Kind Zelderis.

Escanorin kuolema seitsemässä kuolemansynissä: Kuinka Escanor kuoli? (2)

Did Escanor express his love for Merlin?

Escanor's body began to decay, but he said his last goodbyes to his friends and lover, Merlin.

Escanor says he has no regrets in his life and has been lucky enough to fight with the gang and bid them all a final goodbye.

He then told Gowther that he had been one of Escanor's most trusted friends. Escanor also wished Diane and King all the best for their future.

Escanor asked Elisabeth to greet her father and thanked Mael for allowing her to use "Sunshine Grace". He tells Ban to cut back on his drinking habits.

Finally, Escanor confessed his love for Merlin and thanked him for everything.

He says that he is happy that she could even be somewhere in the corner of his heart.

Merlin wished he had met Escanor 3000 years ago and Escanor still told him no matter what crime he might have committed; he would have followed him in all paths and everywhere.

Even Merlin was surprised when he learned that Escanor knew of his sins.

Finally, Escanor's body begins to emit its last flames and asks his friends to walk away.

But Merlin didn't walk away. He approaches her and tells her that he's sorry he couldn't return her love, so he decides to keep the burning mark of Escanor's last flame as a memorial to him. The reason was that Escanor was the only man who ever truly loved her. He kissed her and said goodbye as Escanor recited histhe last lines.

Escanorin kuolema seitsemässä kuolemansynissä: Kuinka Escanor kuoli? (3)

"Yours is a lonely love; the best wine to intoxicate the heart. But I can't be the cup that holds you. Oh Lord…I pray that another cup will appear that can embrace that love.”

Can Escanor be resurrected in Nanatsu no Taizai?

We don't think Escanor will be resurrected in the series now.

But many people believe there is a chance because there are many characters involvedThe seven deadly sinsthey have such divine power so some of them may have the ability to do so.

Druids and demons already have similar powers, so we might see Escanor come to life in Seven Deadly Sins in the future. But that is unlikely to happen now.

Who is Mael? and what is the exact truth about Escanor's powers?

Mael is actually one of the four Archangels of the Goddess Clan. Mael is considered the strongest of the archangels and was the former holder of the Sunshine of Mercy.

3000 years ago, a genius mage demon and former order of selflessness, also known as Sin of the Goat, created the universe to end a holy war.

The spell eventually affected all races and the two gods, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity.

When Meliodas later betrayed the demons and sided with Elizabeth and the goddesses, the balance collapsed.

Therefore, Gowther finally carried out his plan to alter everyone's memories to end this holy war.

Lost grace Sunshine, after Mael's death they wandered all over the place for centuries before finally entering the body of Escanor (Castellio's second prince).

During the Holy War, the spell was removed, everyone's memory was restored. To save his fellow sinners and Elizabeth, Escanor returned the sunshine to Mael, who could only use it to its fullest.

Where to watch all five seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins anime?

Escanorin kuolema seitsemässä kuolemansynissä: Kuinka Escanor kuoli? (4)

Escanor Power Level and Strength: How strong is Escanor exactly?

If you've watched the anime, you know Escanor's power.

He is easily one of the most powerful characters in the series and can give anyone a run for their money.

The headlines he gets show his caliber; he is called "the strongest man alive".

This alone should be enough to give you an idea of ​​what he has accomplished.

On top of that, his powerSunshinegive him aa unique advantage over others.

Synchronized with our natural sun, his power level increases drastically during the day, peaking at perfect noon, giving him godlike power.

At his best, Escanor is unmatched, as evidenced by one such instance where he was able to overpower Meliodas using the cruel sun and divine sword in his demonic state.

According to the stats, his peak power is 142,000, while Escanor was also able to defeat Meliodas with his attack mode.

He has defeated Meliodas with a single attack, so in his "The One" form, his power level is 142,000, surpassing Meliodas' power.

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The Death of Escanor in The Seven Deadly Sins: How did Escanor die? ›

In the manga, he uses Sunshine to the height of his ability to defeat the Demon King. In the end, it's too much for his body to take. Using so much power used all of his life force, and Escanor's body is turned into ash.

How did Escanor died? ›

No one killed Escanor; he died alone. He borrows “Sunshine” and confronts the demonization (Zeldris). After defeating the demon, Escanor exhausted his life force, which led to his death when the grace returned.

Why did only Escanor die? ›

The whole reason Escanor was doomed to die is that the power of Sunshine is too powerful for a human body. Yet somehow, when he brings its power to its maximum, he shows no ill effects or even minor discomfort.

What were Escanor's last words? ›

Oh lord I pray that another chalice will appear to embrace that love. You deserve it. Escanor's last words before turning to ashes.

Why is sunshine killing Escanor? ›

However, as Sunshine is a power made for a Goddess Clan's member, Escanor cannot resist the effects of using that power on his human body, damaging him to the point of coughing blood and finally eating away his body.

Did Escanor come back to life? ›

At the end of the anime, Escanor is still alive, but in the manga, he dies. In the manga, he uses Sunshine to the height of his ability to defeat the Demon King. In the end, it's too much for his body to take. Using so much power used all of his life force, and Escanor's body is turned into ash.

Has Escanor ever lost? ›

Meliodas stops Ban and tells Escanor that they would have a fight at noon to decide, that he will join the Sins if he loses. During the fight, although Escanor reaches the pinnacle of his power at noon, Meliodas manages to defeat him by releasing his Assault Mode.

What sin did Escanor commit? ›

Escanor, a member of the Deadly Sins who bears the Sin of Pride, epitomized by the Lion symbol tattooed on his back, the middle-aged Escanor was originally a prince of the Kingdom of Castellio until he was disowned and driven from his homeland due to his inability to control his monstrous strength, with a woman named ...

Is Escanor the weakest Sin? ›

He was treated like a monster because of his powers. Escanor only found his place when he joined the Seven Deadly Sins. Since Meliodas' power was stolen, Escanor remained the strongest character in the group until the end of the series.

What did Escanor mean when he died? ›

Escanor's sacrifice in the last arc of "The Seven Deadly Sins" was a selfless act to protect his friends and loved ones. Escanor sacrificed himself because he wanted to help everyone out. At that point in terms of power level him, Ban and meli were the only ones around the Demon king.

Who tried to eat Escanor's soul? ›

Melascula, at first, had no interest in Ban other than his soul due to a desire for regaining her lost power. She found his and Elaine's predicament funny, and attempted to eat his soul in front of both Elaine and Jericho in order to scare them.

Who is Escanor's lover? ›

Escanor was in love with Merlin and he is willing to do everything for her. Escanor, before he died during the battle with the demon king, he confessed his feeling to merlin.

Who saved Escanor as a child? ›

Rosa「ローザ」 is a woman who helped Escanor escape from his family who were hunting him down for attacking his brother, Daymond.

What was Merlin's sin? ›

Merlin「マーリン」 is the Boar's Sin of Gluttony「 暴食の罪 ボア・シン , Boa Shin」 of the Seven Deadly Sins. She is regarded as the greatest mage in Britannia. Her Sacred Treasure is the Morning Star Aldan, a floating orb she can summon at will and often uses in conjunction with her spells and her inherent power Infinity.

What sin is King? ›

Harlequin, also known as King, the Fairy King, or the Grizzly Sin of Sloth, is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga/light novel series The Seven Deadly Sins. He is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the king of the Fairy Realm, and husband of Diane.

How did ban lose his immortality? ›

However, Ban lost this ability after using the power of the Fountain of Youth to revive Elaine.

What did Escanor say to Merlin before he died? ›

''Yours is a lonely love, the finest wine to inebriate the heart. But i cannot be the cup chalice that will hold you. O God... I pray that another chalice appear that can embrace that love.

How did Escanor lose to Meliodas? ›

Meliodas attempts to slash his neck, but Escanor blocks it with his weapon. Meliodas then applies pressure to Lostvayne by spinning constantly, pushing Escanor back against the cube's wall. Escanor then charges to Meliodas, but Meliodas stabs him in his stomach.


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